Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Doesn't Anyone Listen to Good Music Anymore?

Today I was very disheartened with my generation. Sometimes I swear I must be from a different planet. Or a different time period at least.
See, we’re doing this project in school where you can pick your own topic to do a ton of research on. The only requirements for a topic were that the subject matter took place sometime between the 1920s- 1970s. Since I love rock from the 60s, I knew instantly I wanted to do The Doors. I assumed most kids in my class would know who they were.
Boy was I wrong. As in, extremely wrong.
As in, “What the hell were you thinking?” wrong.
As in, “face palm, hang your head, go cry in the corner, then punch yourself cause you’re so wrong” kind of wrong.
No one knew who they were. Nobody. I stood there in a state of disbelief as I went peer by peer asking, “You know who The Doors are, right?” The more people I asked, the more my question morphed into, “Have you, per chance, ever heard of this band called The Doors? Possibly? Maybe?”
But nope. My asking was to no avail. Apparently no one my age is cultured in music whatsoever. One person asked me, “Do you mean the group ‘3 Doors Down?’”
Um, no. I do not mean ‘Three Doors Down.’
Hasn’t anyone born in the 90s and later heard of The Doors? Come on, there is more to life than Justin Beiber and Katy Perry. If there isn’t, I might as well go jump off the nearest building.

On that happy note, I'll link a song by The Doors to this page. At least I will be happy then.
I think that’s a fitting song for my class.
Just cause I love the song. Who couldn’t?

Aside from that, I also had some fun cooking recently. I made guacamole and vegetarian quesadillas. Then proceeded to finish most of it. Whoops.  

And I had fun using eyeliner to make this picture last night. Yes, the only use my eyeliner gets is in my random art projects. I RARELY ever wear makeup. I feel like a phony when I do. So I decided this was a better use for it:

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