Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring Rain and Spring Cupcakes

Splashing in puddles never gets old. I can see myself now as a decrepit ninety-five year old, hopping out of my wheelchair on every rainy day. Something about the satisfying splash and the spray of muddy, spring water drenching my legs is enticing time and time again. In fact, I was having a horrible day today, until I got to splash outside in some puddles. You see, the track distance team (of which I am a part of), happened to be the only team dumb hardcore enough to practice outside in the horrible weather this afternoon. We quickly turned it into a puddle-splashing opportunity, though. Sure, I may have smelled like rotting worms and mildew by the time I got home… and yes, my socks made an awkward squishing noise as I walked inside, but it was still entirely worth it. Mud and dirt aside, jumping in the rain is something no one can regret.
Why I felt like writing about puddles, I’m not really sure. The funniest little things can make or break my day. My entire morning was filled with self pity and complaining, followed by an afternoon of even more whining. Yet something as simple as skipping around in puddles of rain entirely fixed it. Who knows? I’m an odd duckling.
On a similar note, I really wanted to post a picture of these cupcakes as well, which also improved my day immensely. Since I’ve been into baking and cooking lately, trying to recreate adorable cupcakes is part of my weekly routine. So when I attempted to make some flower cupcakes from the What’s New, Cupcake? book a couple weeks ago, and they actually turned out beautiful (if I do say so myself!), it made my week. Actually, my month. I’m still getting happiness out of it. They’re so cute and simple! All you need is marshmallows, patience, and a little sister to help put sprinkles on EVERY single marshmallow piece.
So there you have it. The recipe to happiness is simple: Spring rain and cute cupcakes. Animal crackers couldn't hurt either..

Sunday, April 24, 2011

School is Hell with Fluorescent Lighting

It’s no coincidence that one of my favorite characters in fiction is Boo Radley. The more I walk out of my house these days, the more I wish I could go back inside. It seems each time I venture into the great abyss outside my front yard, disaster strikes.
Okay, well no, not any types of life altering catastrophes occur, but simply little things which make life all the more unpleasant. Take for example Exhibit A:
Only  moments ago I walked out of my house for the innocent purpose of getting in the car. Yet somehow in the twenty-second trek from my front door, I saw a person I greatly despise out in the street. Acting like some sort of criminal, I dashed to my car to avoid any type of conversation. Don’t get me wrong, this person isn’t some physical threat to me, but their conceited personality is definitely a threat to my remaining brain cells. It’s no wonder Boo never leaves his house. I wish I could hide from about 75% of the people I’m forced to go to school with each day.
Maybe I’m turning into some sort of hermit. I mean, every other teenager loves partying and being out, while I’m the complete opposite. On a Friday night I’d rather be chilling at home with my cats.
Oh God.
Did I just say that?
I AM turning into some sort of hermit. Boo Radley and I would get along great. No talking, no communicating. Slip a note inside my window and I might respond without having an anxiety attack. Soon my only remaining friends will be those who don’t mind talking to me via letters, and random people who STILL refuse to leave my house alone (people of the fundraising, Jehovah’s witness, girlscout cookie selling type).
You see my predicament. Do I force myself to take part in the only legal form of torture they have left… a.k.a. school? Or hole up in my room for all of eternity? Neither sounds very promising. So for the time being, I compromise: Wake up at the crack of dawn, force myself to school and sports practice, come home to do homework, and then sleep.
Honestly, it’s the worst of EVERY world. Gosh, I just love being a teenager. Please Boo Radley, let me be your roommate.
Until he gets back to me on that, I’ll have to continue compromising with my daily routine and school-going. Oh, did I mention I don’t believe in evolution?
Why, you might ask?
Because all the kids at my school are STILL monkeys.

My first post!

As I sit here staring at my spanish packet, the knowledge of my brand new blog keeps flashing into my mind. Wait, what? I keep thinking.
I have a blog?
I’m a blogger now?
Apparently. And oh man is it exciting!  Much more exciting than my ever-looming Spanish homework. In the scheme of things, I must say that a blog post seems much more important than a Spanish worksheet anyway.
                Then again, it is a double sided worksheet. Not to mention it’s Sunday afternoon, and the only useful thing I’ve learned the past two years in Spanish is how to say me gusta el helado (I like ice cream).             
             Plus, okay, It IS Easter Sunday. No, I’m not some devout religious person, in fact I don’t even really have a religion (My religious views on facebook are ‘cereal’). But I’m sure everyone knows that on Easter, they sell a lot of chocolate. You can probably guess that if I like ice cream, I like chocolate. Thus, sitting here writing a blog post is taking away from my precious chocolate-eating time. Sheesh, what am I still doing here?
                One last thing before I go, though:
                Me gusta el chocolate.
                Would you look at that?! I CAN speak spanish!