Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cute Eighties Movies

Dear cheesy romantic eighties movies,
Thanks a lot.
Because of you, I now wake up every morning expecting to open my front door and see a Jake Ryan hot guy equivalent standing across the street. Of course he’ll be in front of his classic red car, waiting for me. I will shyly mouth the words, “Me?” with a hopeful, yet disbelieving frown. He’ll laugh for a moment, then mouth back, “Yes, you!” as a sparkly grin grows across his face.
But alas, this has not actually happened to me yet. In fact, I can’t even think of any guys I know who would EVER do this for me or anyone else. Because of your stupid, charming endings, I now waste hours daydreaming about my perfect closing scene. I know very well it is not going to happen, but being a teenage girl makes it a little tough to block out of my mind.
I mean, I would even love to be a part of the Breakfast Club plot. Sure, being stuck in detention would be a drag. But come on, you know the ending is too adorable for words. John Bender might start out all tough, but by the end I definitely would have given him my earring. Watching him walk across the field, pumping his fist because he’s finally won me ove, well, I wouldn’t complain about that!
All in all, I just wanted to remind you that us teenage girls (even ones from the 2000s) fall for your tricks much too easily. I might as well adopt spinsterhood early, because I have to accept that no guy is going to hold a radio up to my window to win me back. Or like in “When Harry Met Sally” (1989 counts!), my best friend will end up being the perfect guy for me. Unfortunately, I don’t think that is going to happen either.
I just wanted you to remember who your audience consists of: a bunch of hopelessly romantic, cheesy, sometimes impractical and stupid, teenage girls. Molly Ringwald might be grown up now, but those movies are still affecting gullible girls like me.  *Sigh*
                              Yours truly
PS. Can you at least throw me a randomly coordinated dance number some day? I always wanted one. That might make up for some of our issues. Thanks.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Poem

Thoughts in the Night

So exhausted, I can barely type
But I feel unsettled, unsure
The world stretching out in this open expanse
all I want to do
Is roll over,
Close my eyes,
And hide under the safety of darkness
Sometimes I wonder about running
Far, far
But other times I feel safe in the tiny
Small world I live in
Unsure of where to go
Who to be
I slip into the quiet
Of another dream

Summer is so peaceful and relaxing, yet I'm often anxious just the same. I'm beginning to feel I can never escape this ridiculous cycle of nerves.  I mean, I'm extremely tired right now but can't even begin to fall asleep. Thus, I've found myself thinking all sorts of stressful thoughts and surfing the web, though the glare of this screen is only furthering my problems. Ugh, I truly need to work on this. Can I escape the confines of my own mind? Let's hope so.
Anyway, here are a couple pictures from today:

Monday, June 27, 2011

Cake and Pictures!

           I feel like September 6th is functionally my execution date (my first day of school next year). Come my return to school, I envision only anxiety and misery for my future. Thus, I am trying to live out my summer months to the utmost glory. I figure now is my last chance to truly live it up. In a few months when I am trapped in another prison cell-like dimension of life, I can at least look back fondly of a time, this summer, when I truly lived. I really do need to act as if each day is one of my last. In reference to my days of freedom, they essentially are. At least until next year this time.
So, rather than squander away my remaining few months of blissful sunlight and liberation, I am instead going to accomplish as much as possible and honestly try to live with no regrets. After all, I have nothing to lose. September 6th is only a few months away, and I need to pack in as much life into these weeks as possible. The day I return to school is the edge of a dark cliff which I am precariously dangling in front of. That first day back will most likely be the shove me throttling into the menacing blackness. I may as well “live on the edge” while I have the chance.

Anyway, here are just a few pictures I've taken recently, one being a cake I made yesterday with friends. Enjoy, and happy summer!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Cake Recovery: Trials and Tribulations of an Incredibly Stupid Person

The infamous cake after all the reconstruction...
Embarassing story time.

This past weekend was one of my best friend's birthdays. As part of her present, I wanted to make her a cake. I realize now how overly confident and stupid I was at the time. Don't get me wrong, I can make a mean cake, but I've never been the greatest, per say, at actually decorating a cake. Nearly every time I've made a cake, it has undergone some sort of emergency surgery before completion. Either a layer completely breaks, I don't wait for the damn thing to cool long enough (who has THAT much time on their hands?!), or I botch up the frosting by trying to go overboard with my decorating.

So when I (idiotically) decided I would use fondant on her cake for the first time in my life without reading up much on it beforehand.. well, you can see how easily things went wrong for me.

I didn't want to risk making my own fondant the first time. So I bought some from the store, rolled it out, and felt like I was using play-doh. Then when I put it on the cake, I virtually destroyed everything. My cake looked absolutely horrible. It was originally supposed to be two layers of absolute beauty as a dedication to my loyal friend. Instead it looked like.. well I don't even know. Like a horrible cake. Like the aftermath of a zombie apocalpyse had just gone down in my kitchen. Like I was being stabbed while I created the cake. Like.. you get the point.

Thus, I put it under "Absolute Cake Rehabilitation and Reconstruction" (what I like to call the cutting, frantically frosting, and virtually covering in sprinkles after I have screwed up a cake).

And in the end didn't turn out horrible. At least I thought it didn't. In fact, I was STILL going to give it to her later that day.
 So I gave myself a nice pat on the back and went to upload some of the cake photos onto my computer. While waiting for them to load, I checked facebook.

As it so happened to turn out, another girl going to my friend's party later had just posted a picture of a cake SHE made.


NO ONE told me she was basically a professional baker.

She had this cake decked out in all the works. Fondant, three tiers, unique candles, lettering, patterns, bright colors, amazing frosting skills, basically everything you could ever want out of a cake.

So I quietly covered my measely little thing in tin foil and put it back on the kitchen counter, right next to my crushed dignity.

I think I'll still give my cake to my friend, but at a private, non-embarassing time. She probably won't care that while I can cook, and while I thought I could bake, my cake skills are not fully developed yet. 

 The fact I was over-confident, if not a little bit haughty about my skills, was definitely a learning experience though.
Humiliation? Hell yes.

Thus, my lesson of the day: Don't go around flaunting your skills. It may turn out you don't actually have them and then rather than baking a cake being a piece of cake, it'll actually whip your ass like you're a tub of cool whip.

On the bright side, my Doors project turned out quite well, if i do say so myself. I'll put up a picture some other day. And lastly, here's another random picture I took/edited/messed with/wasted time working on instead of doing homework.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Doesn't Anyone Listen to Good Music Anymore?

Today I was very disheartened with my generation. Sometimes I swear I must be from a different planet. Or a different time period at least.
See, we’re doing this project in school where you can pick your own topic to do a ton of research on. The only requirements for a topic were that the subject matter took place sometime between the 1920s- 1970s. Since I love rock from the 60s, I knew instantly I wanted to do The Doors. I assumed most kids in my class would know who they were.
Boy was I wrong. As in, extremely wrong.
As in, “What the hell were you thinking?” wrong.
As in, “face palm, hang your head, go cry in the corner, then punch yourself cause you’re so wrong” kind of wrong.
No one knew who they were. Nobody. I stood there in a state of disbelief as I went peer by peer asking, “You know who The Doors are, right?” The more people I asked, the more my question morphed into, “Have you, per chance, ever heard of this band called The Doors? Possibly? Maybe?”
But nope. My asking was to no avail. Apparently no one my age is cultured in music whatsoever. One person asked me, “Do you mean the group ‘3 Doors Down?’”
Um, no. I do not mean ‘Three Doors Down.’
Hasn’t anyone born in the 90s and later heard of The Doors? Come on, there is more to life than Justin Beiber and Katy Perry. If there isn’t, I might as well go jump off the nearest building.

On that happy note, I'll link a song by The Doors to this page. At least I will be happy then.
I think that’s a fitting song for my class.
Just cause I love the song. Who couldn’t?

Aside from that, I also had some fun cooking recently. I made guacamole and vegetarian quesadillas. Then proceeded to finish most of it. Whoops.  

And I had fun using eyeliner to make this picture last night. Yes, the only use my eyeliner gets is in my random art projects. I RARELY ever wear makeup. I feel like a phony when I do. So I decided this was a better use for it:

Tuesday, June 7, 2011



Friday, June 3, 2011

A Poem and a Picture

A Purple Galaxy

Numbers and time
Spiraling and infinite
Sneaking beneath whispers, and
Above trees
Out into the galaxy,
Lost in the spaces
Where I’m afraid to look
In the deep, extending
Of time
And I’m too hesitant
To glance back
Except occasionally,
In the dark, shadowy night
Upon the cold, dim grass

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Frozen Yogurt

I have to confess to something. Something pretty serious, and embarrassing, and shameful.
I have an addiction. And it’s pretty bad.
Not to drugs.
Not to alcohol.
Not to smoking.
I have an addiction to frozen yogurt. (Okay fine, not that shameful I suppose.)
Preferably peanut butter flavored frozen yogurt with chocolate chips, and a couple delectable crumblings of waffle cone sprinkled on top. Not like I have it embossed in my brain or anything.
That’s just what I personally prefer.
And what I constantly think about.
And what I wish I could eat for every meal of every day.
Truly, I blame my friend. A few months ago we were studying for a big exam and she came up with an incentive: frozen yogurt to power our studying. I, being the naïve and innocent girl I was before my first frozen yogurt experience, blindly agreed. That day, I had a vanilla with strawberries. A little bland, but enough to get me hooked.
So I went back the next day, stupidly, and tried the peanut butter with chocolate chips. From that day on, I was in love. I couldn’t get enough. I still can’t. I go as often as possible, even though I know it can’t be good for you. I mean, they might advertise it as fat free, but come on people. Something THAT good can not possibly be fat-free and low calorie. No. Possible. Way.
Thus, I now sit here and write an entire post on how much I love frozen yogurt. It is pretty pathetic, isn’t it? What a sad revelation. A good day for me is one where I get to eat frozen yogurt at the end of it. Yippee.
On a closing note, I also wanted to share another picture I took and edited. I have this keyboard in my room that I’ve had for years now. It’s pretty tiny and whenever I play on it, it actually messes up my practice because then my fingers don’t seem to remember they have to reach farther on our normal sized piano. So I treat this one as more of a creative outlet. Usually through messing with the sound-functions or trying to play along with the demos. But this time, I decided to paint on the keys and take some pictures. This is what turned out:

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Simple Post

It's absolutely beautiful outside today. So I went and did my homework out in my yard. (Yes, unfortunately I still have homework and school for another two and a half weeks.) I brought out this necklace  had because I knew the sun would be hitting low in the sky, my favorite light of the day, and I wanted to get some sort of photo. I was just in the picture-taking kind of mood. Then, as you can see, I toyed with it a bit on my computer. Here it is, enjoy!