Sunday, April 24, 2011

My first post!

As I sit here staring at my spanish packet, the knowledge of my brand new blog keeps flashing into my mind. Wait, what? I keep thinking.
I have a blog?
I’m a blogger now?
Apparently. And oh man is it exciting!  Much more exciting than my ever-looming Spanish homework. In the scheme of things, I must say that a blog post seems much more important than a Spanish worksheet anyway.
                Then again, it is a double sided worksheet. Not to mention it’s Sunday afternoon, and the only useful thing I’ve learned the past two years in Spanish is how to say me gusta el helado (I like ice cream).             
             Plus, okay, It IS Easter Sunday. No, I’m not some devout religious person, in fact I don’t even really have a religion (My religious views on facebook are ‘cereal’). But I’m sure everyone knows that on Easter, they sell a lot of chocolate. You can probably guess that if I like ice cream, I like chocolate. Thus, sitting here writing a blog post is taking away from my precious chocolate-eating time. Sheesh, what am I still doing here?
                One last thing before I go, though:
                Me gusta el chocolate.
                Would you look at that?! I CAN speak spanish!

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