Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Day in the Life of a Teenage Girl

My thoughts today can be expressed in one simple letter which has been running through my head the past few hours:

Dear high school boys (especially one in particular),
I hate you.
Okay fine,
That’s a lie.
But I DO hate guys such as you who constantly send mixed signals. Do you like me? Or do you not? Because I’d rather not spend time awkwardly trying to read your mind. Then I may come across as a creep, or an Edward Cullen type. (Wait, those two are the same thing..)
The past few days, you seemed so obviously interested in me that you might as well have written it across the sky. Today, I wondered if I accidentally wore an invisibility cloak to school. Do I need to get a megaphone to make things clear? I like you. I LIKE you. I LIKKKKEEEEE you. If you couldn’t tell by my obvious flirting, then maybe you need to go get some things checked out. Such as your brain. It could NOT have been more obvious. In fact, I can guarantee you were flirting back just yesterday.
So tell me, what happened? Did a switch go off in your brain? Did I suddenly grow two heads? Are you bipolar? Did I smell badly? I’d truthfully like to know. I do not like feeling this insecure. Normally, I am a pretty confident type. Yet you have turned me into mush. In your hands, you have the power to make my life much less embarrassing if you would only be clear. Do you like me? Or do you not?
I’m not asking if you want to marry me. I’m not asking if you want to be my boyfriend. I’m not even asking you out. I am just asking you to be clear. Because frankly, I am losing my mind.
The fact you didn’t seem to notice me today may as well have been the apocalypse in my own tiny world. As petty as it is, I am a teenager. Small things seem like catastrophes to me. I can be selfish, stupid, immature, and downright idiotic.
But only occasionally!
Usually I think I’m pretty cool. It would seem you agreed just yesterday.
Which brings us back to the original question. Do you like me? Or do you not?
                                                Sincerely, high school girls (especially one in particular)

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  1. Hi, Mia I think you're an amazing writer. I really like this post. It's seems very familiar to me. I remember those awkward high school days and know exactly how you feel. Don't get discourage, boys have feelings just like you and sometimes their afraid to show it; especially, when it comes to showing affection. Some guys like to maintain that tough image. So, if you really like this guy, don't give up. Try to to know him as a friend.